Shredder Applications

Shredder Applications

Our Company's product range covers single machines with installed power ranging from 3kW to 220kW and complete custom turn-key installations designed to process specific products and waste.

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Whole tyres shredded in single or more stages

Car fluff

Composed of plastics, rubber, textiles and cables

Toxic waste

Shredder is used to cut open the drums or containers filled with waste

Hospital, pharmaceutical, cosmetical waste

Shredded in sterilization plants

Ragger rope

Size reduction to allow separation of plastic and other waste from steel

Plastic drums

Shredded to allow washing or grinding

Plastic purgings

Size reduction to optimize grinding

Car bumpers

Size reduction to allow to remove steel parts and optimize grinding

Plastic film

Shredded to allow washing prior to grinding

Plastics Pipes

Size reduction to optimize grinding

PUR , latex mattresses

Size reduction to optimize grinding

Big-bag, PP rope

PP Ropes, pre-shredded big-bag, NWT, lycra


Shredding to allow the subsequent separation of various materials

Electric cables

Shredded to reduce cable size and optimize grinding

Textile, carpets, NWT

Cotton, wool, industrial textile waste, rags, carpet.

Tannery waste

Shredded to reduce size and optimize grinding

AL waste

Shredded to obtain denser bales or allow consistent melting in furnace

Paper & cardboard

Volume reduction or confidential documents destruction


Volume reduction for further processing


Solid urban waste and industrial waste shredded for further processing

Catering & ship waste

Volume and size reduction