Refurbished Granulator mod. GSH800/1200 - 132 kW

This heavy duty granulator is designed to handle the toughest applications, It is also suitable for almost any plastic recycling application. The construction of the grinding chamber is manufactured using heavy gauge welded steel. The rotor bearings, fixed blade holders and rotor are oversized in...

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Grinder ITS70/40 with 22kW drive - NEW

This granulator process a wide range of materials to a 4mm to 20mm fraction.
Such materials may include:
• textile and wool
• copper wire
• latex, foam, polyurethane and film
• leather and animal skins
• paper and cardboard
• plastic: PVC HDPE, LDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PET

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Used grinder mod. ITS210/67 - 200 kW

This granulator is designed for heavy duty applications, and can reduce various materials in sizes from 4 to 30 mm depending on the type of screen installed. It can process Pre-shredded tires, RDF, fibrous or textile waste,
latex, polyurethane foams, leather, tannery scrap, rigid or flexible...

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