GSH - heavy duty granulators

These granulators are designed to withstand the most demanding and universal applications, these machines can be tailored to almost every application in the plastic recycling field. The grinding chamber is manufactured in heavy steel welded construction. The rotor bearings, blades support and rotor shaft are oversized. The removable third stator blade acts as a deflector wedge and allows the machine to be quickly adjusted to different application. Other standard features include easily replaceable wear plates in the cutting chamber as well as outboard bearings reducing the risk of contamination.
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Removable deflector wedge which acts as a third stator blade and alter the infeed cross-section at the first cutting point.

Oversized bearings positioned outside the grinding chamber designed to prevent dust and dirt contamination.

For abrasive applications the rotor and other critical components can be equipped with special wear resistant steel.

Available models

GSH 350/500 - 22 kW
GSH 500/600 - 55 kW
GSH 500/10 - 75 kW
GSH 600/800 - 75 kW
GSH 700/1000 - 90 kW
GSH800/1200 - 132 kW
GSH 800/1600 - 160 kW
GSH 800/2000 - 2x160 kW
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