ITS Granulator

The ITS granulators are designed to be integrated in complete recycling plants.
The special staggered blade rotor design make them the perfect choice when processing textile, pre-shredded tyres, RDF and other materials. A variety of rotor lengths and diameters and the possibility of installing various motor sizes will satisfy most grinding requirements.
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Our innovative manufacturing solutions make our machines suitable to be used in complete turn-key processing plants when high throughput are required

The key to our success is our competent and professional knowledge acquired through our ongoing dedication for finding optimal and reliable alternatives to be shared with you.

Special staggered rotor blade rotor is very efficient in demanding grinding applications

Available models

ITS70/40 rotor lenght 700 mm diam. Ø 400 mm - electric drive 22-45 kW
ITS110/58 rotor lenght 1100 mm diam. Ø 580 mm - electric drive 55-75kW
ITS140/58 rotor lenght 1400 mm diam. Ø 580 mm - electric drive 75-90 kW
ITS170/67 rotor lenght 1700 mm diam. Ø 670 mm - electric drive 132-200 kW
ITS210/67 rotor lenght 2100 mm diam. Ø 670 mm - electric drive 160-200 kW
ITS230/90 rotor lenght 2300 mm diam. Ø 900 mm - electric drive 200-250 kW
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