Single Shaft Shredder ZRS - large thick pipes

The ZRS shredder has been designed to process thick and large diameter pipes (up to Ø 1200mm) without pre-cutting. It is suitable to cut bundles of smaller pipes and profiles in HDPE, PP and PVC.
The shredders are available with rotors diameter ranging from 800 to 1500mm depending on pipe diameter.
The standard hopper accepts pipe lengths of up to 6 m. The combination of advanced controls, low rotor speed and smooth hydraulics create a reliable and easy to use system.
These machines can also be used for recycling of other plastic materials such as large lumps, wheelie bins and pallets .
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Concave cutting square knives produce high quality output. The cutters can be turned after a side is worn out.

Large diameter flat rotor. The cutting blades are fixed in special blades holders fitted in machined pockets.

The ZRS shredders are equipped with a special feeding trough sized hopper to handle pipes of up to 6 m length. A powerful hydraulic ram pushes the pipes towards the rotor.

Available models

ZRS 800 - 2x37 kW
ZRS 1000 - 2x45 kW
ZRS 1500 - 2x55 kW
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