Refurbished Granulator mod. GSH800/1200 - 132 kW

This heavy duty granulator is designed to handle the toughest applications, It is also suitable for almost any plastic recycling application. The construction of the grinding chamber is manufactured using heavy gauge welded steel. The rotor bearings, fixed blade holders and rotor are oversized in order to guarantee high performance and durability. This machine has external bearings to avoid any risk of contamination.

Some of the materials that this grinder can process are: pre-shredded tires, RDF and CSS, fibrous or textile waste, latex, polyurethane foams, leather and scraps from tannery, rigid or flexible plastics, paper and cardboard, agricultural waste, biomass, etc.

- Rotor length: 1200 mm
- Rotor diameter: Ø 800 mm
- Rotor with n°7 blades configuration
- Installed power: 132 kW - 400V, 50Hz, 3 phases
- Rotor speed about: 370 RPM
- External bearing support to avoid contamination
- Includes a main electrical control panel which can also control a suction fan (Used suction fan also available)
- A hydraulic unit is dedicated to the automatic opening/closing of the hopper and screen support
- Total weight of the granulator (approx.) 9.910 kg
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main control panel

front view

rear view