E- series shredders driven by direct electric motors

These two-shaft slow speed and high torque shredders are electrically driven models suitable for less demanding applications when a size or volume reduction is required.
The specific customer requirements will determine the cutting chamber size, blade configuration and the appropriate electric drive. All models are designed to reverse shaft rotation in case of overloading.
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Blades fitted on the hexagonal shafts with different cutting profiles and specific blade thickness depending on the material to be processed.

These electric models can be fitted with very thin blades suitable for the destruction of confidential documents

Electrically operated shredder being tested before shipping to the customer.

Available models

ITS220x180E - electric drive 2,2 kW - blade thickness 15 mm
ITS330x300E - electric drive 7,5 kW - blades thickness 10 - 30 mm
ITS560x500E - electric drive 15kW - blade thickness 30 - 60 mm
ITS850x550E - electric drive 22 kW - blade thickness 30 - 60 mm
ITS1250x650E - electric drive 37 kW - blade thickness 30 - 60 mm
ITS1250x900E - electric drive 2x22 kW or 2x37 kW - blade thickness sp. 30 - 50 mm
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