GSL - beside the press granulators

The slow-speed GSL granulators have been developed for applications in the injection and blow molding sector. The geared motor allows to obtain a greater torque which enables these grinders to be started and stopped even if material is inside the grinding chamber. The material can be fed via a sound absorbing feed hopper which reduces the noise level and can be tailored to fit various applications.
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Unique knife design makes adjustment work unnecessary after re-sharpening since the special profile maintains a constant cutting gap

Staggered rotor blades creates an individual blade cut thus increasing the cutting torque

The Quick Snap System allows easy access to the screen and grinding chamber

Available models

GSL 180/120 - 2,2 kW
GSL 180/180 - 3 kW
GSL 180/300 - 4 kW
GSL 180/430 - 4 kW
GSL 200/180 - 3 kW
GSL 200/270 - 3 kW
GSL 200/360 - 4 kW
GSL 200/500 - 4 kW
GSL 300/400 - 7,5 kW
GSL 300/600 - 11 kW
GSL 300/800 - 18,5 kW
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